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We provide professional pigeon proofing/ critter guard for your solar panels with a complimentary cleaning. 

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Do you have Pigeons nesting underneath your panels? If you have them, let us go help you! If not, it’s wise to make the investment to prevent them from getting underneath there. We are pigeon solar panel proofing experts in the Eastern Arizona Valley. 

Solar Cleaning

We provide exceptional solar cleaning services. Using natural methods for your panels.

Pigeon Proofing

We use a galvanized steel mesh coated in black PVC to ensure it will be be weather resistant.

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Providing Eastern Arizona Valley With Quality Solar Pigeon Control

Pigeons can be pests for your roof. It is common for pigeons to make nests underneath solar panels. This can cause damage to your roof. Not to mention the pigeon droppings everywhere, which can be acidic & could potentially carry diseases.

It’s time for Solar Pigeon Guard. Let’s get those pigeons flying away for good. 

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Local Business

Choose to support your local business in the Eastern Arizona Valley. We'll make sure to go above & beyond for you.

Guaranteed Protection

Say goodbye to the pigeons under your panels for good. We'll guarantee that they'll be gone from beneath your solar panels.

Solar cleaning Services

Solar Cleaning is included in all our pigeon proofing installs. You can expect your solar panels to be more efficient after the cleaning.

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